Current Electronics was created to help specialised retailers/installers get the best products at the best price and ensure they are not only pleasing to the customer but also to the people fitting them. The market has changed rapidly in the last 10 years and we will strive to be at the forefront of the automotive accessory market. Dealing with over 10 advanced technology companies allows us to keep up with all the changes in car electronics and we will get the products to the New Zealand market in time for your customers demands.

All Current Electronics products have been well tested by our sister company About Sound Ltd. This allows not just a "bench" test, but it also allows us to gauge how well these products work - in many different vehicles and in many different environments. Experience with both the trade and retail market has allowed Current Electronics to know exactly what customers demand.

Our products are not sold to "Super Retailers" so you can rest assured you will not see products that you retail being price slashed in the next letterbox mailer.

Become a Current Dealer today and keep your business ahead of the competition.